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Public consultation

The Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership (SRMP) is the formal name for the Bird Aware Solent initiative.

We now welcome your comments on the draft Definitive Mitigation Strategy document prior to formally approving the final strategy.

Comments are now invited on the draft strategy from any interested individual or organisation. Should you wish to comment, please complete the online reply form by Sunday 17th September 2017. We look forward to hearing from you and will acknowledge all forms received.

Interim strategy

Since 2014 the Partnership has been operating under an interim strategy to mitigate the recreational impact of new housing on the three Special Protection Areas (SPAs) across the Solent.

The interim strategy created an initial approach to providing some mitigation whilst further assessment was undertaken to inform a more comprehensive, definitive strategy.

The implementation of both strategies is funded by a developer contributions for each new dwelling built within 5.6 kilometres of the SPAs (because that's where 75% of all visits to them originate from). Under the interim strategy, this contribution is currently £181. Moving to the more comprehensive definitive strategy and fulfilling the need to fund mitigation measures in perpetuity, this is set to rise to an average of £564 per new dwelling. The contribution calculations are detailed in the draft document and answers to frequently asked questions are also available.